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Inbucon is a prominent provider in the private and public sector for job evaluation projects, remuneration reviews and the design of pay & grading schemes.

Our Job Evaluation Scheme, ije, is Inbucon’s proprietary brand. It is a Points Factor Analytical Scheme with over 30 years track record and development...

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Inbucon has extensive experience in benchmarking, pay structures and salary surveys and is an experienced provider of remuneration both within the public, not for profit and private sectors.

Inbucon's key salary surveys include the Housing Associations Survey of Salaries and Benefits and the Inbucon Compensation Report We are more than happy to provide individual market pricings.

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Combining our knowledge of pay structures and our expertise in short and long term incentive arrangements alongside our extensive remuneration databases,

we are ideally placed to assist companies in the development of remuneration strategies that support their business objectives.

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With over 25 years experience in the design of incentive and share scheme arrangements

Inbucon is ideally placed to help you with the introduction of your annual or long term incentive scheme...

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We offer a range of other services including:

Expert Witness

Employee Attitude Surveys

Equality Audits

Total Shareholder Return Monitoring Reports

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